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Early Life

Frieza has a large number of henchmen at his disposal, the strongest of which are ZarbonDodoria, and Cui. He also has an elite army called the Ginyu Special Force, and more special forces - such as Abo and Kado.

At some point prior to the series, Freeza had a child named Kuriza.

Frieza (Bardock Father of Goku)

Frieza in "Episode of Bardock"

Frieza got the Saiyans to work for him and sell planets to him, killing all their inhabitants to conquer them. When the Saiyans began getting stronger, Frieza feared that a Super Saiyan would rise up and destroy him, so he killed their king, King Vegeta, and destroyed their home planet, Planet Vegeta. 
Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta

Frieza about to destroy Planet Vegeta in "Bardock: Father of Goku"

Only a few Saiyans were not caught in the explosion, including VegetaNappaRaditz, and Son Goku (whose Saiyan name is Kakarot), the protagonist of the series.

Hunt for the Dragon Balls

When Raditz came to Earth and was defeated by Piccolo, he sent a message to Nappa and Vegeta about the Dragon Balls, via his scouter.

Frieza, Zarbon and Dodoria

Frieza with his top two henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria

Frieza heard the message, so he and his henchmen, including Zarbon and Dodoria, went over to Namek to get the Dragon Balls so he could wish for immortality. 
Frieza Threatens Namekians

Frieza threatens the Namekians

Frieza and his men killed the Namekians of five villages to get the Dragon Balls. However, at the fifth, the elder, Moori, destroyed all his men's scouters, preventing them from tracking down the Dragon Balls. Dodoria became separated from them while chasing down Krillin and Son Gohan, who intervened to save a Namek boy Dende from Dodoria. Dodoria never returned, as he was later attacked and killed by Vegeta.

Once he deduced that Dodoria was dead (and deeming him expendable anyways), Frieza headed back to his ship with his five Dragon Balls, leaving Zarbon and Appule to find the two remaining Dragon Balls. Zarbon ran into Vegeta and transformed into his monster form to defeat him, but Vegeta had previously attacked a Namek village and hidden its Dragon Ball. The village was discovered by Frieza's henchman Orlen, who was killed by Frieza for not finding out the location of the Dragon Ball (he killed the only survivor). Frieza instructed Zarbon to bring Vegeta to him and heal him to make him tell them where the Dragon Balls were.

Calling for the Ginyu Force

However, Vegeta killed Appule, broke out of Frieza's ship, and stole his five Dragon Balls. An enraged Frieza gave Zarbon one hour to find Vegeta or face execution. Though he transformed again, Zarbon was no match for Vegeta, who becomes stronger after each time he recovers from serious injuries. After Vegeta killed Zarbon and took the Dragon Ball that Krillin got from Guru, the Great Elder, Frieza summoned the Ginyu Special Force. The Ginyu Force - RecoomeBurterJeiceGuldo, and Captain Ginyu - arrived on Namek, and Jeice brought Frieza scouters.

Vegeta joined forces with Kuririn and Gohan, however Ginyu took all seven Dragon Balls from them and brought them to Frieza. Frieza tried to summon the eternal dragon, but as he did not know the Namekian password to summon him, he was unsuccessful. So he headed toward Guru's house to get the password from him, leaving Ginyu and his henchmen behind to guard the Dragon Balls. He flew right by Dende, whom Guru asked to tell Krillin and Gohan the password, but chose to ignore him for sake of time. He arrived at Guru's house where Nail, Namek's greatest warrior, told Frieza that if Guru dies, the Dragon Balls disappear.

Confronting Nail

Frieza vs Nails

Frieza vs Nail

To prevent Frieza to cause anymore harm, Nail challenged Frieza to a battle. However, Freeza easily beat him up, until the Namekian revealed that his plan was to distract Frieza so Dende could give the Z Warriors the password. Enraged, Frieza immediately headed back to his spaceship, and was shocked to discover on his scouter that all the Ginyu Force had been killed (except for Ginyu, who had accidentally switched bodies with a frog).

The Battles with Frieza

Frieza (First Form)

Frieza about to enter into his second form

An extremely angry Frieza arrived at the scene shortly after Gohan, Krillin, and Dende summoned the eternal dragon Porunga and wished Piccolo back to life before teleporting him to Namek, and after Porunga disappeared because Guru died at that moment. Frieza fought Vegeta and appeared evenly matched with him (if not at a slight advantage, seeing as how Vegeta was out of breath and Frieza was not), so Vegeta suggested that he transform, since Zarbon told him about it.
Frieza (Second Form)

Frieza's second form

Frieza transformed into his second form (which has a fighting power of one million) and impaled Krillin with his horn. This made Gohan angry, and he beat up Frieza. However, Frieza survived and attacked Gohan, until Krillin was healed by Dende and cut off Frieza's tail with a Kienzan, then distracted him so Dende could heal Gohan. As Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta went for a head-on attack, Piccolo came. Before appearing to fight Frieza, Piccolo fused with a badly injured Nail to increase his power, and was evenly matched with Frieza.
Frieza (Third Form)

Frieza's third form

This forced Frieza to reveal that he has two more forms and transformed into his third. He barraged Piccolo, but Gohan attacked him with a Masenko, using up all his power in the process. Frieza was incredibly angry at this point and decided that he would show them what he deemed to be the most terrifying thing in the universe, his final form.
Frieza (Final Form)

Frieza's Final Form

Frieza then transformed into his fourth form, however he witnessed Dende healing Piccolo, so after finishing his transformation, he killed Dende with a Death Beam to prevent him from healing anyone again. Vegeta, who had previously been injured by Krillin and healed by Dende (as his plan to become stronger, and maybe turn into a Super Saiyan) fought Frieza, but was simply unable to hit him. Frieza patiently waited until the Saiyan had fully realized the hopelessness of the situation and lost his will to fight. 
Frieza defeats Vegeta

Frieza easily defeating Vegeta

He then attacked Vegeta, slowly beating him to death, until Goku arrived, having fully recovered from his injuries from the fight with Ginyu. 
Frieza kills Vegeta

Frieza kills Vegeta with his Death Beam

Frieza then killed Vegeta with a Death Beam through the chest, for no reason other than to shut him up about Goku being a Super Saiyan and how he would destroy Frieza.

Final battle with the Super Saiyan

Goku fought Frieza in an epic battle that took 19 episodes. At one point, Frieza said he would fight Goku without using his hands, but was forced to break the deal, as Goku gained the advantage after biting Frieza's tail (to prevent him from choking him). Frieza attacked by throwing rocks and chunks of land at Goku, and trapping him in an energy ball that would explode if it touched anything except Frieza. However, his one weakness was that he could not sense energy signals, and could not hit Goku unless he could see him.

Goku and Frieza were evenly matched, until Frieza powered up to 50% of his maximum and beat up Goku. Goku tried Kaio-ken x20 and briefly regained the advantage, but Frieza survived, virtually untouched, and continued pounding Goku. With no other option, Goku gathered energy from Namek and the planets around it to form a Genki Dama. Once Frieza realized the danger he was in, he tried to kill Goku to stop him, but Piccolo attacked Frieza as a distraction. Frieza was about to destroy the Namekian, but when Goku's Genki Dama was complete, he fired it at Frieza. 
Frieza gets hit by Spirit Bomb

Frieza getting hit by the Genki Dama

Frieza used all his might to fight off the powerful Genki Dama, but the projectile damaged him in the progress.
Frieza surviving Spirit Bomb

Frieza surviving Goku's Genki Dama

Frieza somehow survived, however, though a portion of his tail was missing. He shot a Death Beam at Goku, but Piccolo took the hit and was seriously wounded. 
Frieza kills Krillin

Krillin about to be killed by Freeza

Frieza killed Kuririn afterwards, angering Goku so much that he transformed into a

Frieza unleashing his Death Ball on Namek

 Super Saiyan. Ironically, Frieza had created the very thing he had so long feared and gone to such great lengths to eliminate. In this form, Goku gained the advantage over Frieza, so the extraterrestrial tyrant shot a Death Ball at the planetary core of Namek, which would inevitably cause it to explode. Frieza estimated five minutes, but five hours was more accurate (it took 10 episodes to blow up). 
216676-100 power frieza super

Frieza at 100%

Later, Frieza powered up to 100% of his maximum. Against the wishes of Kaio, Goku let Frieza reach his maximum so he would be sure that Freeza was beaten at his best and would never come back to haunt them.

Frieza managed to briefly regain his advantage over Goku. Eventually, the two went on a crash course, with Goku shooting a Kamehameha wave and Frieza charging at him with red energy. Though Goku appeared to be winning at first, Frieza jumped out of the Kamehameha wave and pounded Goku into the ground, knocking him into the lava. Gohan then returned to fight Frieza. Meanwhile, Mr. Popo collected the Earth's Dragon Balls and Kaio told Kami to tell him to wish back everyone killed by Frieza and his henchmen back to life. Krillin was unable to be resurrected, as he had already been wished back once, but Vegeta, Dende, Guru, and all the Namekians did.

Gohan used his hidden powers to gain the advantage over Frieza. As Frieza powered up again, Goku reemerged from the lava, having survived Frieza's attack. While fighting Frieza, Goku telepathically overheard Kaio's plan to use Porunga's last wish to teleport everyone on Namek to Earth except Frieza, and elected to stay behind to finish Frieza off. Guru told Dende to make the wish, however Frieza saw Porunga and got there first and started screaming for immortality. However, he did not know that one must speak the Namekian language to make a wish to Porunga, so when Dende made his wish, Porunga granted it and not Frieza's wish. Everyone on Namek was teleported to Earth except Goku and Frieza, who continued their battle.

Frieza's strength decreased with every blow and Goku beat him up. At one point, he decided to spare the evil tyrant's life, knowing that Frieza could not win, because his 100% full power put tremendous stress on his body. However, Frieza attacked Goku with his Tsuibi Kienzan (a homing energy circle razor), unwilling to accept defeat, so Goku resumed the fight with him. 
Frieza (Sliced)

Frieza getting sliced by his own Tsuibi Kienzan

During the fight, Frieza overlooked a Kienzan razor that was coming up behind him (in an attempt to chase after Goku) and chopped him in half, cutting his left arm off as well. Goku decided to leave Frieza to die on Namek, but Frieza begged him for his life, so Goku reluctantly gave him some of his own energy so that he could escape. Still unwilling to accept defeat, Frieza shot an energy blast at Goku as he attempted to leave. An extremely enraged Goku shot his own energy blast at Frieza and stopped him, ending the battle.

Return and first death

Frieza (in Space)

Frieza, nearly dead, in space

However, Frieza survived the attack (though Kaio believed him to be dead), and was caught in Namek's explosion (which Goku escaped), but survived it as well (though a huge chunk was missing from his head). His father, the wicked giant King Cold, found him drifting through space, barely alive, and had him made into a cyborg, even stronger than before. 
Mecha frieza

Frieza after being reconstructed

The minute he reawakened, he told his father to take him to Earth so he could blow it up as revenge on Goku. Frieza and King Cold arrived on Earth. Gohan, Kuririn (who was wished back with the Namek Dragon Balls), Piccolo, Vegeta, YamchaTenshinhan, and Chaozu went out to attempt to face him, even though they knew that he would defeat them easily. However, before Frieza could start his vengeance, Trunks appeared from the future. He killed all of Freeza's henchmen, but Frieza was not in the least bit intimidated - until Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan. After two failed attempts at destroying him, Frieza shot a giant Supernova energy ball at Planet Earth to blow it up. But Trunks caught it with one hand, so Frieza blew up the Supernova. Trunks was thought to be dead, but he escaped the explosion without so much as a scratch, and shot a Burning Attack at Frieza and King Cold. 
Frieza&#039;s Death

Frieza's death

They dodged it, and then Trunks chopped Frieza vertically in half with his sword. He then sliced him to pieces and finished him off with an energy wave, reducing him to nothing more than dust and finally killing him at last. Trunks then killed King Cold just as easily.

Many years later, just before heading to Earth, the God of Destruction Beerus questioned his attendant Whis on the status of Freeza, with Whis explaining Frieza's defeats and death, and showing Beerus the fight between 50% Power Frieza and Super Saiyan Goku. 

The Resurrection of Frieza

Works to both movie and Dragon Ball Super 

For years after his defeat and death at the hands of the Super Saiyans, Frieza remained in Hell. Stripped of his powers and trapped in a cocoon dangling from a tree in a lush flower field, under a bright sun, surrounded with cherubic angels and stuffed animal singing joyfully and having a great time. The worst possible torture for such a sadistic, genocidal murderer. He would come to describe it as a nightmare like no other.

However, over a decade after his supposed final defeat, his minion Sorbet, who was running his army in his place, decided that it was time for them to revive Frieza. Sorbet and Tagoma went to Earth and obtained the Dragon Balls, wishing Frieza back to life.

Frieza returned to life in his cut-up mecha state and was immediately taken back to the ship to be placed in a rejuvenation chamber. The new chamber fully healed Frieza to his previous non-cybernetic state. After a discussion with his soldiers, resulting in the deaths of several who questioned him, including Tagoma. Frieza announced that he would have his revenge, and to do so would train for four months in order to increase his power to a level on par with the Super Saiyan Gods and Gods of Destruction - which he believed himself capable of thanks to being a prodigy.

The tyrant was correct, and upon his arrival to Earth with 1,000 warriors, his mere first form was noted as being in a completely different league altogether from even the likes of Super Namek Piccolo and Super Saiyan Gohan. After his army fails to defeat the Z Warriors he wipes them all out with a Death Cannon.

Frieza prepares to transform

Freeza prepares to take on his Ultimate Evolution

Goku and Vegeta then arrive, and Frieza and Goku begin fighting, with Frieza going straight to his newly mastered final form, and Goku using his Saiyan beyond God form (his base form, but with the power of Super Saiyan God). Goku has a clear advantage and manages to avoid being damaged at all by Frieza, even when the tyrant attacks with his Golden Death Ball. The two then both reveal that they have been holding back. Goku reveals his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, and Frieza counters by revealing his Ultimate Evolution: Golden Frieza, the two then begin fighting again.
Golden Frieza vs Super God Goku

Old enemies clash after many years

As the fight goes on, Golden Frieza is clearly shown to be dominating the fight - without even bothering to use his full power or fight seriously, as he easily smacks around Goku, injuring the Saiyan greatly while not even getting a single scratch to his own frame. He proves his superiority by increasing his power and releasing an energy cutter beam which, despite not even hitting Goku, has enough power in its aftershock to knock him off his feet and damage him. Frieza, Goku, and Vegeta then stop for a brief talk, with Goku revealing that he has noticed that Frieza's power is dropping rapidly. Frieza angrily realizes that this is true and begins to fight seriously, however, Goku begins using evasive tactics to cause Frieza to waste his energy.
Golden Frieza defeats Goku

Golden Freeza after defeating Goku

Eventually, Golden Frieza's power drops so much so that he is unable to damage Goku with his hits. At this point, Goku easily knocks him down with a God Kamehameha wave. However, while Goku has his guard down, Frieza signals Sorbet who shoots Goku in the heart with a surprise shot, grievously wounding him. After torturing Goku, Frieza asks Vegeta to be the one to kill Goku and in exchange, Frieza will make him supreme commander of his army, Vegeta declines and has Krillin give Goku a Senzu bean, also killing Sorbet by reflecting an attack that was aimed at Krillin at him. Vegeta then reveals that he too possess a Super Saiyan God SS form and easily defeats his severely drained former master.

Frieza, his energy gone, reverts to his final form, however as Vegeta is about to finish him off, Frieza detonates the planet entirety of Earth, killing Vegeta and every one else on the planet. The only survivors are those that Beerus and Whis saved with an energy shield. Whis tells Goku that he is willing to rewind time so that Goku can defeat Frieza like he should have when he had the chance. Goku obliges and they go back to just as Frieza is about to detonate the planet, Super Saiyan God SS Goku leaps out and hits Frieza with a God Kamehameha wave, saving the Earth.

Frieza is sent back in Hell, and to his horror is welcomed back by the angels. He screams in rage and despair at his return to his torment and that he failed his mission.