Freedom Force (Earth-616)

Freedom Force was created when Mystique and Valerie Cooper came to an agreement allowing the members of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to receive full governmental pardons for their past crimes as long as they followed Valerie Cooper's orders.

The team's first mission included the arrest of Magneto. This brought them into combat with the X-Men at a Jewish Holocaust memorial. After the battle, Magneto was arrested and stood trial for his past crimes against humanity in a court in Paris. Freedom Force (Earth-616) 001Freedom Force on their last mission Peter WildenbeestAdded by Peter Wildenbeest

On their next mission, Spider-Woman saw good in Freedom Force and decided to join the team. Quicksilver, a former Avenger framed his old teammates and the government wanted the Avengers to be arrested. Freedom Force did this with Spider-Woman's help. The truth was revealed and Spider-Woman felt guilty and freed the Avengers and then left the team forcing her to become a fugitive.

Later, three other mutants were added to the roster: Super Sabre, Crimson Commando, and Stonewall. They had been hunting down criminals and executing them for their past deeds. The three vigilantes finally turned themselves in and accepted positions on Freedom Force.

Over the course of the next few months, Freedom Force were used to enforce the Mutant Registration Act, bringing them into conflict with the X-Men[1] and other members of the superhero community. They also helped train US Agent to take the place of Captain America.

Finally, during a mission on Muir Island, Destiny and Stonewall were killed. This upset all the members of Freedom Force and during a mission in Iraq, the team suffered greatly. Super Sabre was killed, Blob and Pyro were left in Iraq, and the rest of the team were badly injured. Due to the loss of most of the membership, the team was disbanded. Valerie Cooper was still convinced that the United States government had need of its own team of superhuman operatives, a need that she was to later fill with a revamped X-Factor team.

Key Events

  • Arrested Magneto, although opposed by the X-Men.
  • Attempted to arrest Rusty Collins, opposed by X-Factor.
  • Captured the Avengers and had them incarcerated in the Vault.
  • Attempted to arrest the X-Men in Dallas, before the X-Men fought the Adversary.
  • Attempted to arrest Cyclops and Marvel Girl.
  • Attempted to arrest Rusty Collins again, opposed by New Mutants
  • Defended Muir Island from an attack by the Reavers, Destiny and Stonewall killed.
  • Fought the Iraqi Armed Forces and Desert Sword in Kuwait, Super Sabre killed, Freedom Force disbanded.


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