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Daddy needs what daddy needs.
~ The Cobra forces Shake to eat people.

Freedom Cobra is the titular villain of the ATHF episode with the same name. He is a talking tattoo that tends to eat people.


Freedom Cobra was bought by Master Shake as a tattoo to attract ladies. However, the tattoo wants Shake to eat his dog, Carl and a surgeon's hands.


The Cobra is very hungry and ruthless. He wants his wearer to eat people so can take control of them.


  • "You'll never get any action in this downpour."
  • "It's me, Freedom Cobra."
  • "Well, surprise!"
  • "Calcium."
  • "Oh yeah? So are skulls, bones. HUMAN bones."
  • "All right then, we'll start there."
  • "Yeah, when you defecate!"
  • "Daddy's hungry. Daddy needs meat!"
  • "Hey! Daddy needs what daddy needs."


  • Voiced by Jim Brown.
  • Freedom Cobra is seen as the darkest ATHF villain with no sense of humor.