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If you don't share our culture, our blood, our values, then you don't belong here!
~ A Free Europe insurgent shouting the beliefs of the group

Free Europe is a British domestic terrorist organization that opposes the integration of the United Kingdom into the European Union. They are a Fascist terrorist organization that seeks to have all non-european immrgants deportated and for strict cultural and economic isolation from the rest of the world. Free Europe is a secondary antagonist in Rainbow 6: Vanguard.


Free Europe made their first attack in 1996 when a railroad track from the British Channel was sabotaged resulting in the train crashing into the channel. Four passangers were killed in the attack as the steel tracks were caused the train to crash into the sea but no arrests were made.

Since then Free Europe has been conjuction with other terrorist attacks such as the firebombing of blocks of flats occupied by West African immigrants that resulted in the deaths of innocent lives and the murder of a four-year old girl and other terrorist attacks.

On Febuary 7th 2000 the Belgian Embassy in London was attacked and taken over by Free Europe militants who had cornered the ambassador and captured and killed much of the embassy staff. In response RAINBOW military operatives were deployed to the area to rescue the ambassador and kill the terrorists launching Operation Steel Wind and was successful at the mission objectives but the group would continue to remain active.


Free Europe is a spin-off organization to the Neo-Nazi linked Combat 18. According to documents retained by the British Police, the group calls for the forced deportation of all non-european immgrants and to isolate the country ecomocally and culturally. The group in general appears to be a xenophobic British/European Nationalist organization that uses violence to support their agenda and have attempted to deploy nerve gas into a sports stadium during a global international sports event in Rainbow 6: Vanguard. They seem to be an ally of the eco-terrorist group known as the Phoenix Group during an attempted biological terrorist attack.


  • In real life, as of 2016 A.D. United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.