Free is a character in Soul Eater who is a wild card under the services of Medusa Gorgon.

Despite not being bright, Free's immortality enables him to survive everything his opponents use on him or whatever unintentional self-infliction he causes to himself.


Two centuries prior to the story, a werewolf stole the left eye of the Grand Witch Mabaa and endured her wrath as he is immortal. However, Mabaa decides to imprison the werewolf for all eternity in Witch Prison, stripped of his name and referred to as "the Man with the Magic Eye" since. Though Mabaa kept the key to the werewolf's cell on her at all times, it was secretly stolen by Medusa with the intent to free the werewolf when a chance presents itself. That chance came in the form of Soul Eater being infected with Crona's Black Blood, with Medusa entrusting the otherwise unforgivable act of releasing Prisoner #13 to Eruka Frog after forcing her into her service.

Free (Werewolf Form)

Free's Werewolf form.

By the time Eruka arrived, despite acting tough, the werewolf accepts Eruka's help due to his inability to effectively plan an escape. Meeting Medusa, calling himself "Free" to reflect his current status, the werewolf offers his services to repay his debt to her. Upon learning that he is go after Soul and his Meister Maka, unaware he is to test the Black Blood's effect on them, Free accepts as he feels contempt for Death and the rules he establishes. Confronting his targets at London Bridge, his opponents unable to work together at the time while his magic is still rusty, Free has the upper hand until the Meister/Weapon team are able to use Witch Hunter with Maka pushing Free off the bridge. Though he intended to drag Maka into a watery grave, Free's hand is sliced off by Black Star and the werewolf's attempt to get back on the bridge ends with him frozen and sinking into the sea.

Free later aids Medusa's scheme to trap the DWMA students and facility before joining Eruka in reviving the Kishin Asura while evading Black Star and Death the Kid. Despite nearly killing himself after being subjected to Asura's Madness Wave, Free gives Eruka enough time to revive the Kishin before they quickly flee from Death City. Later infiltrating Arachnophobia, Free is forced to work with Kid to deal with Mosquito while taking out one of Baba Yaga's towers.

Soul-eater-3236951 (2)

Free's blotched rescue attempt.

After Eruka's capture, Free attempted to bust her out. However, due to his size, it ended in failure with him in a DWMA cell. Though released to aid Kid alongside Eruka in requesting an help from Maababa, Free is put on trail with the others in their group and is sentenced a thousand death penalties. Luckily, Kid convinces the witches to spare them and Free played a minor role in the fight against Crona.


  • Free's Japanese voice actor also voiced Doukoku and portrayed Shadam.
  • Free's English voice actor also voiced Jugo and Zetsu.