Freddy DeLois and Kenny Garson were two minor villains from the 1976 movie Carrie.

Freddy was played by Michael Talbott and Kenny was played by Rory Stevens.


In the film, Freddy and Kenny were Carrie White's fellow classmates who disliked Carrie like the rest of the school. They are best friends with Billy Nolan. They even took part in the ultimate prank on Carrie by going to the hogfarm to collect pig's blood, and Freddy and his girlfriend Norma Watson rigged the voting ballets to make sure that Tommy Ross and Carrie White won. They were later killed in the prom fire after Carrie unleashed her powers in rage.


  • In the novel, Freddy was known as Jackie Talbott, and he was just a character that was mentioned by Billy and his 5 other friends who was caught red handed on Old man Henty's hen house with a dose of Number Six Bird and was fined $200 for tresspassing.