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Freddie Fabulous from Fremont is an antagonist of the 1979 Peanuts special, You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown.


Freddie Fabulous is a self-proclaimed champion of the decathlon in the Junior Olympics. One year ago, he won the event fair and square. But when learns that he is competing against Marcie, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy (disguised as the Masked Marvel), he felt sure about winning the competition. Throughout the competition, he randomly called his opponents mindless names like "Pumpkin Head" to Charlie Brown and "Squirt" to Snoopy. He showed no respect to them and attempts to win the competition by showing off his own stunts. He also has no sense of good sportsmanship. During the final event of the decathlon, he got disqualified from the competition when he and Snoopy started fighting in the last ten yards of the 1500 meter run, thus allowing Marcie to win the decathlon and the Junior Olympics.