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Fred Wilson

Fred S. Wilson was the antagonist of the 1976 version of King Kong, he is the replacement of Carl Denham, though Denham was not as much of an antagonistic control freak as he was a somewhat greedy and scheming but still loyal and somewhat courageous man in the other versions. He is an oil collector who has come to Skull Island with his crew to search for some, unlike Denham who was a film director. He is rude, mean, selfish, foul-mouthed, and greedy (bits of such a personality were found in Carl but in contrast, Denham was mildly jerkish and still somewhat of a good guy, and Wilson is a flat out antagonist in that he seems to truly hate Kong). After the oil plan fails, he and his crew decide to take Kong back as an attraction. In contrast to Carl Denham who survived his versions, Wilson is killed when Kong escapes his "escape proof" cage in New York and steps on him, crushing him.

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