Fred Eberhart

Fred Eberhart

Fred Eberhart
is a minor villain in the Grimm TV series and he is Ariel Eberhart's father. He was a Daemonfuer, a dragon-like creature with the power to breath fire. He was origianally a soldier and war hero, but after his wife died, he fell into depression, and eventually became homeless.

He was portrayed by Don Adler.


Old and sick, Fred broke into a warehouse to steal the copper (Daemonfuer are by nature treasure mongers.) There, he encountered two other copper thieves who tried to scare him off, but Fred let out a blast of flames, reducing them both to ash. The next day, he went back to steal more, but the police were there, including Nick, in the moment when he turned his breath on them, Nick saw Fred for what he truly was.

Back at his cave home, Fred was visited by his daughter, Ariel, who, having met Nick, and had come up with a plan for her father to die an honourable death, rather than let him succumb to his illness. Ariel had kidnapped Nick's girlfriend, Juliette, to force Nick to come to save her, just as medieval Knights had done with Daemonfuers. Entering the cave, Nick faced Fred. Fred tried to burn him to death, but Nick managed to dodge, grapping a copper pole he tried to secure Fred (the only safe way to fight a Daemonfuer is with melee weaponry) but Fred proved tougher than he looked and knocked Nick down. As the two battled, Fred managing to keep the upper hand over Nick. Fred was about to burn him to death, when, Nick grabbed his makeshift lance and stabbed Fred through the chest, killing him in the way Ariel desired.