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You looks like a motherfucking pop star, You say, than you little spaniel is a f--king pitbull, you say, than you want to be black and you watching a half hour movie about a guy in the boat. AND YOU WANT TO MAKE BUSINESS WITH ME?!?
~ Fred
You know what, Grucha? I'm dressed up like this, because I want one thing: I want that guy said in heaven an angel, that killed him a guy with the class.
~ Fred

Fred, also known as Freddy, is the main antagonist of the 1999 movie Boys Don't Cry. Fred is a Polish gangster, who rules in Warsaw underground.

He was portrayed by Cezary Pazura.

In 1999, Fred with his friend, Grucha, was making business with a Mafia boss in a brothel. By accident, young musician named Kuba Brenner, wanted to pay pimps and prostitutes for renting girls, stepped into the middle of interests. He captured the briefcase with money in it and ran.

Fred and Grucha kidnapped him. Unexpectedly Grucha killed Fred.


Fred is very unpleasant and cruel. He even insults his friend.