Hello friend, my name is Fred, I said, I say my name is Fred and I've been very naaaaaughty.
~ Freaky Fred

Freaky Fred is a mentally ill, but surprisingly harmless barber whose entire goal of visiting the Nowhere home, other than seeing his dear aunt Muriel and her grumpy husband Eustace, is to shave the dog Courage.

He was voiced by Paul Schoeffler.

Past Endeavors

In the past, Freaky Fred has shaved many unwilling people, all because of his obsession with cutting hair. Previous victims include a man that went into his barber shop, his pet hamster, and even his ex-wife/girlfriend Barbara. Such acts resulted in his "enrollment" in the Institute for Freaky Barbers.

Though he is considered a villain, he never really hurts anyone. The only time he came close was when he force-fed Courage pancakes.