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The name of a messenger
~ Frau Oddo while torturing Zina

Frau Oddo is a fictional Gestapo agent of Nazi Germany in the russian comedy film "Hitler Kaput".


Frau Oddo was one of the officers of Adolf Hitler, who would do anything he orders. In the film, she was visiting every meeting at Gestapo and listened with others the lectures of Hitler. But when a soviet girlfriend of Officer Shurenberg, Zina was captured by Nazi soldiers, Frau Oddo was torturing her, so Zina will tell everything about Soviet spies in Nazi Germany. But Shurenberg asked Martin Bormann for permission to get Zina under his oversight. Shurenberg got this permission, so Frau Oddo stopped to torture Zina and gave her in the hands of Shurenberg. What happened to her in the end is unknown.