Und the Frat Boys-- still on probation for lethal hazing.
~ Casanova Frankenstein introducing the Frat Boys.
Phi Zeta!
~ The Frat Boys' motto.

Prior to Mystery Men

The Frat Boys are a criminal gang of college fraternity men that are one of the feared criminal gangs within Champion City. Its members consist of individuals who attended college in Champion City and lived in the same frat house. They loved the party lifestyle of their fraternity so much that, some time before year 1979, they formed a gang called the Frat Boys. They made a name for themselves committing various crimes. Their group was recruited, along with many other gangs, by the criminal mastermind named Casanova Frankenstein in his attempts to conquer Champion city. At some point, during the course of harassing one or more people, they caused at least one fatality. They were eventually all arrested for manslaughter. They were all released on parole for good behavior, despite their lack of remorse. When Casanova Frankenstein was apprehended by Captain Amazing in 1979, the Frat Boys disbanded.

Return and Betrayal

In 1999, the Frat Boys are reunited by a recently released Casanova Frankenstein, who called for a meeting between all of his former gangs, including the Disco Boys, the Furriers, the Suits (including their leader, Big Tobacco), the Susies and the Not-So-Goodie Mob. They are told of Casanova's new weapon, the Psycho-frakulator and his plans for world domination. The Frat Boys witness the end results of the machine's power after they are shown Captain Amazing's dead body.

When the Mystery Men attacked Casanova's mansion, the Frat Boys fought them, but are ultimately overpowered. Frat Boys were then betrayed by Casanova as he pressed the button on the stair post which was his mansion's defense system before they are clear, causing Frat Boys to instantly eletrocuted on the stairs and die.



  • Action film director Michael Bay made a cameo appearance as a member of the Frat Boys gang as he said "Dude, can we uh, bring the brewskies?".