The Frat Boys

The Frat Boys

Und the Frat Boys-- still on probation for lethal hazing.
~ Casanova Frankenstein introducing the Frat Boys.
Phi Zeta!
~ The Frat Boys' motto.

The Frat Boys are a criminal gang of college fraternity men that are one of the feared criminal gangs within Champion City.

They too, alongside other criminal gangs, were recruited by the newly returned Casanova Frankenstein to join him in his plan to take over Champion City.

During the battle at Casanova's mansion, the Frat Boys when cornering the Mystery Men, were then betrayed by Casanova as he pressed the button on the stair post and the the Frat Boys were all instantly eletrocuted on the stairs and die.


  • Action film director Michael Bay made a cameo appearance as a member of the Frat Boys gang as he said "Dude, can we uh, bring the brewskies?".