Franz Nukid was the villain of the episode "Nukid on the Block" he was a robot build by Viceroy to try and discover the Ninja's identity.


He was sent to the school, posing as a foreign New Kid, and by chance got caught up in a dispute between Howard and Randy, and thus seemingly befriended Howard. He went around the school saying "Hallo" to people, and asking them to say Hello back, so he could compare it with the recording of Randy's voice, and seemingly befriending them all. He eventually discovered Randy was the Ninja. Luckily, the impatient McFist destroyed the computer screen before it sent the data to him. As such he ordered Viceroy, to send in the Chainsaw Werewolves to retrieve Nukid. Randy defeated the Werewolf's but in the fight, Nukid's true identity was revealed. In this form he turned on Randy, and almost killed him throwing him into the boiling pans of cafeteria oil. However Howard managed to distract him by smashing a tray over his head. Randy grabbed him with his scarf, and tossed him into the oil destroying him.