"what's the matter, "Jesse Owens", I thought you liked to be Black?" - Franz (mocking Rudy)

Franz Deutscher
Franz Deutscher is the main antagonist of the historical fiction novel "The Book Thief" as well as its film adaptation - he is a malevolent bully who made life miserable for the book's protagonist and symbolized in many ways the ugly side of Nazi Germany.

Franz was an older boy and head of the Hitler Youth, as such he saw himself as superior to others and held the venom of a Nazi supporter, being quick to try and suppress any form of deviation from the Nazi Party's strict rules.

Franz was not only a verbal bully, he was a violent youth and like the party he represented he had no qualms with resorting to such means to prove a point and his petty nature made him extremely dangerous as he was willing to report the protagonist to Nazi officials, despite full knowledge doing so was akin to a death sentence in the volatile regime.