Franklin D. Mann is the evil CEO of Genron and the main antagonist of the 2003 video game Whiplash.


Franklin D. Mann is the ruthless CEO of Genron and is similar to Donald Trump since he is always firing his employees. He thinks animals are dumb and even bullies his pet hamster. When he finds out that Spanx and Redmond, the two main characters of the game, have escaped, he orders his hazmat hunters to capture them. Near the end of the game he and his henchmen confront Spanx and Redmond at the matrix generator before they can install a microchip that will shut down Genron. Mann tries to persuade Spanx into giving him the chip but Spanx refuses. Just before Mann orders his men to shoot them, Lincoln swoops out of nowhere and aids Spanx and Redmond in their mission. During a fight between Lincoln's army of mutant animals and Mann's hazmat hunters, Mr. Mann tries to escape but Spanx and Redmond go after him and defeat him. They send him down to the bottom of a glass floor where a dazed Mann says "Did you know that weasels and rabbits are natural enemies in the wild? I'm fired." and is sent down his own trapdoor.