Franklin Bidan is the principle designer of the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II developed for use by the Titans. Often absorbed into his work he neglects his own family, instead finding comfort in a mistress named Margarita. Taken aboard the Titans flagship Alexandria by Bask Om, he and his wife were used as hostages in negotiations for the return of the Gundam Mk. II's captured by the AEUG.

Escaping with the aide of Lieutenant Emma Sheen, he pilots a Gundam Mk. II back to the AEUG ship Argama. While a refugee on the Argama he steals a Rick Dias and attempts to return to the Titans with the captured machine. Persued by Argama's mobile suits he engages in combat against them, firing on his own son Kamille Bidan in the process. When the Rick Dias is damaged in the battle, Franklin attempts to escape only to be blown out further into space when the mobile suit explodes.


He never cared about his wife being murdered by the Titans and he never cared about his son, Kamille.

All he ever care about is his mistress and making new mobile suits.