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Sorry we're late, Pop. Lenny had an accident: He was born! (Laughs)
~ Frankie to Lino

Frankie Lino is the tertiary antagonist of Shark Tale. He is Don Lino's eldest son and Lenny's older brother.

He was voiced by Michael Imperiolli.



Frankie Lino was the first born child of Don Lino. He always wanted to be a predator like his father.

Shark Tale

Shark Tale Frankie Dead

Frankie being dropped off the burial site

Coming soon!


Frankie is a tough and angry shark. He uses snarky humor.


Frankie is a muscular great white shark.


  • "Thanks, pop."
  • "Bada bing, bada boop, pop's happy, you're a shark, life goes on. Capishe?"
  • "Moron." (Last words)


  • Frankie is often thought to be the main antagonist of the film. This is not true as Frankie did not appear as much as the other villains.
  • At one point in the film, Frankie is seen eating some oyster shells in the restaurant, but real-life sharks eat meat.
  • Frankie might have redeemed himself when cuddled Lenny in his last moment.
  • Frankie's death drives most of the movie's plot.


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