Frankenstein 2 is a minor villain in 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. Hew was the main antagonist in the comic strip "Frankenstein II" in prog 6.


Frankenstein 2 is a crime boss who runs the operation transplant surgery that allowed people to live almost forever, it was banned for that very reason, but it's still being done illegally like Frankenstein 2 and his gang. After his gang steal's an ambulance with a dead corpse, Dredd follows them back to their base and then proceeds to blast his way in, taking out the gang members easily. Dredd then meets Frankenstein 2, who tries to bribe Dredd with a free operation, but Dredd of course doesn't accept briberies so Frankenstein 2 activates the overhead light to blind Dredd and attempts to stab him, but it doesn't affect Dredd thanks to his visor and he manages to beat Frankenstein 2 and he surrenders when Dredd points his gun at him, with Dredd remarking "wise choice.".