Frank Wyler is the antagonist of the horror movie, Beyond the Darkness.

Role in Film

Anna Völkl, the fiance of taxidermist Frank Wyler, dies of an illness in the hospital. But she was really killed via a voodoo doll that was handled by orphan Frank's jealous housekeeper, Iris. The housekeeper then breast feeds him for erotic lactation comfort. Yet still stricken with grief, Frank digs up Anna's body and preserves it per his profession so that he can be with his lover forever.

Frank later picks up a stoned hitchhiker to his home. When she spots Anna's corpse, she panics and a struggle ensues. Frank tortures her before choking her to death. When Frank is not satisfied, his housekeeper tries to comfort him once more, this time with a handjob.

A few days later, a jogger twists her ankle around Frank's home and he invites her in. They have sex on his bed, until Frank can't resist showing off Anna's corpse right next to them. Once more a fight ensues. Frank bites her neck and eats chunks of flesh. She survives, but dies via incineration.

The housekeeper invites her old, eccentric relatives for dinner and announces her engagement to Frank. Yet Frank thinks otherwise and leaves her humiliated. After various detectives secretly search the house, Frank picks up a woman at a disco. Fortunately for her, Frank just sends her off due to the arrival of Anna's twin sister Elena. She faints on seeing Anna's corpse, and the housekeeper approaches her with a knife before Frank intervenes.

The housekeeper therefore decides to attack Frank instead, with Elena's fate on the line.