Frank Vinci is the leader of the Vinci Crime Family. His two most known members are Leo Galante, and Derek Pappalardo. He is first scene at a meeting with Carlo Falcone recruiting Vito Scaletta into the Falcone Crime Family. He sends his men to kidnap Joe Barbaro to find out about why The Chinese are trying to kill him. He is the secondary antagonist of the second half of Mafia II.



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Mafia II

In 1951 Frank Vinci was one of the witnesses when Joe Barbaro and Vito Scaletta were brought into the Falcone crime family. Once the ceremony was over, he gave the pair of them advice not to deal any drugs as it was part of their policy.

Although sticking to not selling drugs, the same couldn't be said for rival mob bosses Alberto Clemente and Carlo Falcone as the pair of them chose to start the drug trade. Falcone had Clemente killed, and plotted with Eddie Scarpa to take down the Vinci crime family. A hit was put out on Leo Galante, but Vito saved his life by warning him about the hit, causing Galante to flee Empire Bay.

After Joe and Vito massacred a mass amount of Triads in retaliation for them murdering their friend Henry Tomasino, the Triads blamed the Italian Mafia and started threatening Vinci. Wanting to get to the bottom of it, Vinci had both Joe and Vito kidnapped and brought to his construction site for questioning. The pair denied any knowledge, and Vinci left for them to be beaten. Both Joe and Vito managed to escape, murdered a lot of gangsters working for Vinci and escaped.

With the war getting out of control and the cops looking to arrest Falcone, Galante returned to Empire Bay to make a negotiation with Vito, tasking him with killing Falcone and in turn would be spared, as Vinci and the Triads wanted him dead. Vito later carried out the task and killed Falcone at his observatory, presumably ending the war between the Italian Mafia and the Triads.

Mission Appearances

Mafia II

  • Chapter 9: Balls and Beans
  • Chapter 14: Stairway to Heaven


  • He is the least seen mob boss in Mafia II, having only two brief scenes in the game. However he is mentioned quite a bit and plays a large role in the storyline.
  • His mansion is occupied by Judge Hillwood in the Mafia II DLC Jimmy's Vendetta, however this isn't considered canon to the main storyline. Vinci's mansion can be found in the main game, however is incomplete. This implies that he was to play a larger role in the main story and possibly have more screentime than given in the released product.
  • He is the most honourable mob boss out of Carlo Falcone and Alberto Clemente.
  • He is the only mob boss in Empire Bay to survive by the events of Mafia II.