I see you, but you don't see me...
~ Frank Slater to Jake Malloy
Frank Slater is the main antagonist in the 2002 film D-Tox (also called Eye See You).

He is portrayed by Christopher Fulford.


Slater is a sadistic serial killer who believes that mankind should live as nature intended, and that the weak and feeble should be eliminated. He views the police force as a way of preventing people from living naturally by helping to protect the "weak", and due to this, he kills several police officers without leaving any clues regarding his identity. One officer, named Jake Malloy, is assigned the case of tracking Slater, and Slater realizes this and thus begins targeting Malloy's police friends. After Malloy discovers the corpse of one of his closest colleagues, Slater phones him to tell him that he's at his house. Malloy rushes home to find his wife hanging from the ceiling with her eyes gouged out, and Slater is nowhere to be seen.

In despair, Malloy attempts to take his own life and is subsequently taken to a rehabilitation centre designed for law enforcement officers. Once there, Malloy is introduced to Slater (who is posing as a police officer himself) as well as several other officers also attending at the centre. As time passes, Malloy and Slater begin to bond, until some of the various officers are found dead one after the other, having apparently committed suicide. As they all come to suspect each other and various people at the centre go missing, Malloy finally discovers that Slater is behind the murders and pursues him out into the snowy wilderness. Following a gunfight that leads them into a large abandoned shed, Malloy fights Slater and eventually impales him on the spikes of a snow machine. With his dying breath, Slater manages to tell Malloy that his wife called out his name just before he killed her - in response, a furious Malloy rips Slater off of the spikes, lifts him into the air and throws him back down, impaling him a second time and killing him instantly.