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~ Serpo's last words.

Frank Serpo is the main antagonist in Dead Island Riptide. It is revealed that he was involved in the outbreak on Palanai Island.

Dead Island Riptide

Serpo works for a unknown organization, most likely a terrorist organization. He was sent to Palanai to record the mutations and lethality of Charon's new, mutated strain of the Kuru Virus. He desperately wants the 5 immune survivors for reasons unknown, however, it is most likely for him to use their immunity to mutate the virus even more, possibly into a usable weapon.

When the heroes reach the ADF ship off the shore of Banoi, they meet Frank Serpo on deck, who then orders Charon and Yerema below deck. He is later seen leaving the others to die when the outbreak occurred on the ship. Later when the heroes contact the military base, Serpo responds claiming he is "sending a chopper to extract the survivors". As the chopper shows up, he orders the immune to board first, but the survivors tell him to take the normal civilians first. Colonel Hardy is killed for trying to board the chopper. Logan shoots down the chopper using a LAW missile launcher. The chopper crashes at the fort. Serpo, surviving the crash, kills a pilot to distract the infected so that he can escape. He then waits in the top tower of the fort, and miraculously escaped major injury.

When the heroes find a ship to leave, Serpo pleas with them to come with him, but not trusting Serpo, they decide to leave him. He then begins screaming at the heroes, "Fucking freaks!" and claiming that they don't know what they are doing. In doing so, his yelling attracted infected, which come up behind him and slash his neck. He then falls on the ground, and the undead begin to eat him.

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