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Shutupshutupshutup! I hate you!
~ Frank Sahwit

Frank Sahwit is the villain in the first case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He appears again in Gyakuten Kenji 2/Ace Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor's Path.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Frank was just a common burglar that usually invaded apartments while its owners were away. One such day, he saw a guy leaving from an apartment room and decided to enter the place to steal. However, the owner of the room, a girl named Cindy Stone, saw him stealing her goods. Frank panicked, taking the nearest object to kill her. The object was a statue-clock in the shape of The Thinker. With no options, he decided to pin the murder in the guy who was previously there, which was Larry Butz, the boyfriend of the girl. He offered his testimony to accuse the guy, posing as a newspaper seller. During the trial, he was called to court to offer his testimony, but the rookie attorney Phoenix Wright easily saw through his lies, unmasking Frank and saving his friend Larry.


Sahwit incoherently mumbles parts of sentences while he desperately tries to think of another lie, while pictures of the crime flash behind him. He eventually loses his composure and throws his toupée at Phoenix in anger. He then shouts out Shuddup multiple times, and even saying "I Hate You". Sahwit then concludes by frothing from the mouth and faints.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor's Path

Frank appears during the second case, where he is shown paying his sentence in prison. He claims to be a model prisoner, taking care of the animals inside the prison and training to be a animal groomer. He is the one who found the dead body of Horace Knightley inside one of the workrooms, but Miles Edgeworth interrogates him and discover he was able to enter the room because his prisoner bracelet was broken. It is later revealed he worked as an accomplice to the prison's warden, Patricia Roland, helping her to smuggle goods inside the prison for Sirhan Dogen.

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