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Frank Pentageli was a secondary antagonist from The Godfather 2. He was an old friend and associate of Vito Corleone.

Pentageli was born in Partinico, Sicily. He was the younger brother of Vincenzo Pentageli. At a young age he immigrated to the United States.

Following the death of Peter Clemenza Pentageli took his place as a caporegime of the Corleone Family. With Michael and Fredo Corleone based out of Las Vegas Pentageli ran the Corleone operations in New York. He and his family moved in to the old Corleone estate.

In 1958 Pentageli approached Michael to ask permission to take out the Rosato brothers, who were his rivals in New York. The Rosatos claimed to have been promised territory by Clemenza prior to his own death. Michael, not wanting another war while working on a deal with Hyman Roth, refused. Pentageli felt insulted and left in anger. Michael was nearly assassinated that night in his own home.

Going to New York Michael met Pentageli in the study of his father's old house. He let Pentageli know that he suspected Hyman Roth of being behind the attempted hit. He told Pentageli that he learned many things in the study, one of them being to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. Pentageli agreed to put his feud against the Rosato aside and give them the impression Michael supported their claim.

Pentageli soon had a sit down with the Rosatos to hammer out a new deal. However the meeting was a set up, and Tony Rosato attempted to garrote him, claiming he was doing this on Michael's orders. Pentageli's screams attracted a police officer, which saved his life.

Feeling betrayed by Michael, Pentageli went to the Feds. Entering into witness protection Pentageli gave them a great deal of information on the Corleone family. Michael considered having Pentageli killed but knew the man was too heavily guarded for that to be successful. Michael had Vincenzo flown in from Sicily and had Hagen bring him to the Senate hearings where Pentageli was due to testify. A glance from Vincenzo reminded Pentageli of the obligations of ometra, and Pentageli recanted his testimony.

A short time later Tom Hagen visited Pentageli. Knowing that Pentageli was a student of history, Hagen asked Pentageli about how the wealthy who failed in rebellion against the Roman empire were allowed to commit suicide. Pentageli confirmed that was the case - that such Romans would take a bath and open up their wrists, and that the families were well taken care of. Hagen assured Pentageli that his family would be taken care of.

After Hagen's visit Pentageli took a bath, and opened up his wrists which caused him to bleed to death. When the agents guarding Pentageli asked him to come out to play cards, he didn't respond and they kicked in the door to his bathroom to find him in his bath.


  • Richard Castellano was originally slated to reprise his role of Peter Clemenza for the second film. However disagreements between Castellano and Paramount led to Clemenza being written out of the second film, and the character Pentageli was created to take the place of Clemenza.

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