Frank and roxie
Frank Murdoch is the main character of the controversial film God Bless America. He was an insurance salesman from Syracause, New York who had just been fired for probable sexual assault. He is a man who is sick of the sensationalism in America based on pop-culture and bigotry. He sees on TV one evening a pig's butt, a woman cursing out another woman for ruining her meal, a group of Fascist protesters similar to Fred Phelps, and a man named Steven is cruelly criticized by a group of judges due to his voice. He believes that he has a brain tumor, he visits a psychiatrist. However, the man is uncaring and negligent. Frank is about to commit suicide when he sees a spoiled rich girl named Chloe. He proceeds to shoot her and kills her near her school in Virginia. He meets a girl named Roxanne and starts on a crime spree.

Frank kills a large amount of people including a neo-conservative racist talk show host, the bigoted homophobic haters similar to Phelps, and others considered disliked. He and Roxanne killed many due to their spoiled way of materialistic life. They go on until they decide to kill the judges and audience at a reality TV show. They are then gunned down by a group of police in the same manner as Bonnie and Clyde .