I'm coming to stop you, Tesla! This ends NOW!
~ Frank's last words.

Francis "Frank" Knight is a member of the Pacific Bay Police Department in Season 2 of Criminal Case and one of the player character's partners. He used to be a detective in the force before his unexpected betrayal and then, his death.


Frank is a 51-year-old ex-detective in the Pacific Bay Police Force. He most commonly wore his signature Hawaiian shirt and a common police badge. Frank is known to be stubborn, praiseworthy, straightforward, quarrelsome, and hotheaded, but he also knew to be completely manipulative and sarcastic in most situations. Although he does not really show respect to his superiors, he himself is a well-respected and authentic detective in the department and often cares about his colleagues. Unbeknownst to the player and the rest of the team, Frank had lost his older daughter, Laura, at the age of 9 when she was hit by a car. This has led towards Frank's divorce, who eventually gave himself to drinking. Other than these, Frank is a fan of wrestling and old detective movies which, according to himself, was the inspiration to why he became a detective himself.