Frank Jones-Regular Show
Frank Jones was the main antagonist of the Regular Show episode Trailer Trashed. Years before the events of the episode, he and Muscle Man competed in a hot-dog eating contest. Muscle Man ended up winning the contest through creative use of a water bottle and ended up winning the trailer he currently lives in. Believing he cheated, Jones became obsessed with taking the trailer he believed he deserved and exacting his revenge on Muscle Man.

In the present, he posed as a health inspector who was doing a routinely check up on the park and threatened to kick Muscle Man out of the park, due to his trailer being a health violation. After the gang helps Muscle Man clean up his trailer, Jones and his minions return and purposely wreck the trailer and still threaten Muscle Man with eviction from the park. Preparing for the final showdown, Muscle Man calls in his brother and loads the trailer into his truck. Jones and the guys engage in a road battle that leads them out in the desert, with Jones managing to kick Muscle Man's brother out of the truck, resulting in a struggle between him and Muscle Man. During the struggle, Jones reveals that he was the other contestant in the hot-dog eating contest, stating his motivation for why he wanted to steal the trailer. Muscle Man, frustrated at how Jones wasted all his time on a petty grudge, reveals that the trailer was never in the truck to begin with and that High Five Ghost was guarding it back at the park the whole time. Jones later falls to his death when the truck is driven off the cliff.


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