Frank Grayson or simply Grayson is a student at Abbey Grove School and an antagonist in the BBC Three sitcom Bad Education. He is the school bully at Abbey Grove School who not only picks on his fellow students but also one of the school's teachers Alfie Wickers making him do things such as giving him his shoes and making him buy him and his friends cider after it was confiscated from them by the school's deputy head Miss Pickwell. The only member of staff who was able to keep Grayson under control was Miss Pickwell and later her successor Professor Celia Green.

Despite being a bully, Grayson has been shown to have a sensitive side as he did break down in Alfie's arms when he though Miss Pickwell was dead. In the Christmas Special, Grayson was revealed to be homosexual as during the school's Christmas play Robocracker, he passionately kissed his fellow pupil Stephen Carmichael and later invited him to join him at a football match.

In the Series 3 episode Fundraising, it is revealed that Grayson has been held back five years at school (thus making him the oldest student at the school) and that his mother Katherine is in a relationship with Alfie's father and Abbey Grove's deputy head Martin. He is also revealed to have an older brother whom Alfie clashes with when he briefly quits his job to return to his old job at B&Q.

He is played by Jack Bence.