Frank Fitts

Frank Fitts

Colonel Frank Fitts is the main antagonist of the 1999 romantic film American Beauty. Fitts tries earning a positive reputation for himself by informing the neighborhood, including the film's protagonist Lester that he was an American war veteran. This later turns out to be a lie and that Frank Fitts was actually a Nazi German war veteran. He bullies his son not just out of accusing him of being gay and well as doing things behind his back, such as taking drugs. The reason why he believed his son Ricky was gay was that in part to Ricky having a bad and rude habit of video-recording the Burnhams, Ricky recorded Lester being nude working out in order to impress Angela. Ricky was technically after Lester's daughter Jane. Ricky then pleads that he intended to film Jane and not Lester (Jane exposed herself naked throughout the window, but Frank scares her off). Ricky had broken into Frank's room earlier, and Frank punches him in the face accusing him of looking for money. Ricky confesses it was Frank's Nazi plate that he wanted, and he broke into Frank's room to show Jane that plate. Despite that the two seemed to have reconciled from that argument, Fitts still accuses Ricky of being a gay who chases after Lester and not Lester's daughter Jane. Ricky is fed up with his father's abusive ways and accepts his father's demand to leave home and never come back.

Colonel Frank then tries to kiss Lester, who refuses to let him kiss, but still hugs him anyways to console the crying heartbroken colonel.

At the end of the film, Colonel Frank kills Lester with a SIG-Sauer P226.


  • Frank is similar to Claude's Father. Both accuse their son of being homosexuals, they beat them up and both are closeted homosexual themselves.