Frank Dodd (also known as: Deputy Dodd) or simply Frank is the hidden secondary antagonist of Stephen King's novel The Dead Zone and its 1983 film adaptation. He is a mentally unstable senior police deputy at the town of Castle Rock who had been revealed as a serial killer.

In the film, He was played by actor Nicholas Campbell.



At the film adaptaion from 1983, Dodd is decipted as a mentally unstable senior police deputy at the town of Castle Rock, but secretly he committed series of several killings including of a child, and the police were convinced that because of the reason that the killer is mentally unstable, they were convinced that this is the reason that he carried out the killings.


Right after that Sherriff George Bannerman is asking from Johnny Smith to use his special powers in order to find out who is the killer who stands behind a series of murders ,including that of a child, Smith quickly finds out using a corpse of a young woman that the killer is actually Bannerman's deputy; Dodd himself.

Quickly after this reveal, Dodd putted himself inside his bathroom, where he letted Smith and his commander to get into the house. Then, Dodd brutally murdered himself as he putted scissors in his mouth, ultimately killing him.