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Frank Costanza is a recurring character on Seinfeld.  He was the father of George Costanza.  They really don't get a long and have an estrange relationship.  George gone through a lot of jobs and he hated his life.  Mostly he couldn't stand his parents, mostly his father Frank.  George spent of most of the series trying to get away from them.  George move back home on season 3.  He still treats him as a child, even though he is a grown man.  When George was a child, he was strict disclipinarian on him.  Frank Punished George constantly as a kid, he was still punishing him when his mother found a condom in their bed that George had sex with.  His father punished him for that even though he is a grown man in The Cigar Store Indian episode.  That is why George hated his father.  Frank was a cook in the U.S. Army and traveling salesman in Korea.  He and his wife Estelle also had an estranged relationship, they wanted a divorce.  They did got seperated and went back together sort of.  Let's say they were stuck together.  George moved out of his house on season 5, but he visits constantly and put him down.  Estelle blamed Frank, when his son George went to jail when he laughed at a guy being robbed.  George was sentenced for one year in jail. He is played by jerry Stiller who later played Arthur Spooner.

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