Frank Colton is the main antagonist of the 1996 Comedy, Bulletproof. He was played by James Caan.


The main villain and drug dealer, has a thief and criminal named Archie Moses working for him but didn't know that his best friend, Rock Keats, is really a cop, who's real name is Jack Carter, looking for evidence against Colton and he was only friends with Moses so he could arrest Colton's gang members. Carter suceeds in getting an address for one of Colton's fronts. During a raid on Colton's warehouse, Moses finds out that Carter is a cop and Moses accidently shoots Carter in his head, which Carter lives.

Later Moses is brought into custody and agrees to bring down Colton and yet the trial is on the other side of the country. Carter is assigned to escort Moses. Colton learns from corrupt cops that Moses has betrayed him and he sends his henchmen to get Moses. 

Near the end of the movie, Colton evidently holds Carter's girl, Dr. Traci Flynn, hostage and makes a deal to trade her for Moses. Carter and Moses manage to kill Colton's lackies and learn that Dr. Traci Flynn is really working for Colton. Colton shoots Moses in the shoulder, while Carter traps Dr. Traci Flynn. Moses shoots and kills Colton.