That is hilarious! Oh man... I'll remember you, kid. I'll remember you almost shot me. And you'll wish i had no memory, because i never forget.
~ Frank Bowers

Frank Bowers is a minor antagonist in the 2015 episodic point-and-click game, Life is Strange. He is a punk and drug dealer living in Arcadia Bay and an old "friend" of Chloe Price, the game's progagonist Max Caulfield's best friend. He also used to bet on dogfight matches, but later had a revelation and saved several of the dogs, including his current companion, Pompidou.



Frank is briefly seen near the end of the episode, leaving his RV and seeing the snow in the process.

Out of Time

He is mentioned by the police officer in the Two Whales Diner and is later seen spying on Max and Chloe. After destroying all the bottles, he appears in Chloe's secret lair and threatens her if she doesn't give him his money. Chloe sees her disappeared best friend Rachel Amber's bracelet in his arm, which angers her, Frank then pulls out pocket knife and threatens to hurt her, during the event, Frank suspects that Max is hiding something, which was David Madsen's handgun. Max aims the gun to Frank and asks him to step back. If Max pulls the trigger or not is up to the player's decision (unloaded gun).

Chaos Theory


Dark Room