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Frank Barone

Frank Barone

Holy crap!
~ Frank Barone's common quote.

Frank Barone is the secondary antagonist of the American Comedy Everybody Loves Raymond. He is the father of Ray and Robert, and husband of Marie Barone.

He was portrayed by the late Peter Boyle.

Frank is often portrayed as a rude selfish slob who, along with Marie barge into Ray and Debra's home uninvited. Frank often sits on Ray's Lazy Boy recliner and unzips his pants. He oftens argues with and frequently insults Marie over everything, including an arguement over who invented the lawn.

His brutal honesty and selfishness has made him hated with several people around the block, his own lodge, and caused him to be kicked out of the retirement community he and Marie moved to (Marie also contributed by being critical over everything and bring the moral of the community to an all time low).

He helped caused an unbalanced childhood for Ray and Robert by not giving them much affection during their childhood while Marie nurtured to an extreme. Because of Ray's unbalanced upbringing, he is uable to say "I love you" to Debra even though he does.

Frank hates Amy's father and oftens insults him when he gets the chance, which only complicates Robert's relationship with Amy's parents, though they come to accept Robert as Amy's husband.

He is not without morals however. In one episode, Ray and Robert learned that his father had regularlly abused him during his childhood while his grandfathr abused his father. Frank had said he didn't want to become his father or grandfather and thus was a much better father. In another episode he stole a handful of trail mix at the store and when an employee confronted him, Frank yelled at the guy and threw 50 cents at him, scaring his granddaughter. He decided to make up for it and apologized to the man. Also despite the fact that he and Marie frequently argue and insult each other, it has been shown he does love her.

Villainous or Rude Acts

  1. He has stolen money from the church when he was an usher.
  2. Stole a record-breaking football during a college game and was offering to return it for a bidding of 10,000 dollars
  3. Stole cable from Ray and Debra's house
  4. Out of all his antics at the retirement community, his worst offense was aiming his golf cart at employees. In fact his quote was "hit the monkey, win a cookie."
  5. Walked out of his house in a towel to retrieve the paper. When he bent down his towel fell off which is the crime known as indecent exposure.
  6. He once tricked Marie into going into a canoe without paddles and sent her out in the middle of a lake.
  7. Threw a roast beave sandwhich at a slot machine because he lost. This caused him to get kicked out of the casino.
  8. Will he and Robert painted Ray's house he used the color Ray didn't want, insulted Robert constantly, and made him take out a wasp's nest by himself.
  9. Got an extremely loud car alarm that goes off very easily which shocks everyone, to the point Robert broke his nose from the suprise. He also did loud wood working earlier in the mornig which annoyed both his family and his neighbors.
  10. Took advantage of Ray's job as a sports writer to cheat and win bets on who would win sports games.
  11. While he and Ray were in a car together he cut of a hearse and a funeral convoy and nearly had a fist fight with the angry mourners.
  12. Stole Robert's rain boots when he was 11 in a rain storm which resulted in Robert getting bullied. After this he blamed Raymond which also caused a long argument between him and Robert.

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