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Me Smash!
~ Frank's main quote.

Frank is the 8th boss in the video game Madworld. He's ranked 36th in Deathwatch.


Frank is a complete parody of the Frankenstein Monster. He's even taller than Little Eddie, has stitches all over his body and has two screws on the sides of his head and four giant screws on his back.


Frank is the 2nd boss in the Mad Castle level. Jack Cayman fights Frank in the dungeon. Frank fights with his huge muscles and attempts to either crush Jack with his fists, or slam Jack into the water below them. When Jack fall into the water, Frank will attempt to electrocute the water. As time goes on, Frank will retreat to his chair and recharge a huge amount of health. During the Power Struggle. Jack will go on Frank's back and unscrew the top screws on Frank's back, and rip off the bottom ones. After Frank is defeated, Jack kicks Frank onto his chair. Jack then winds up Frank's chair, electrocuting Frank until he contains too much electricity in his body, and explodes.


  • Franks actually makes his appearance before the boss battle. During the Bloodbath Challenge; The Death Press 2, Frank's hand his used to crush zombies and earn Jack Cayman some points.


MadWorld Boss Battle 804:43

MadWorld Boss Battle 8.- Frank

Jack Cayman vs. Frank.