Frank Nickle is a recurring antagonist in the Disney series Kickin' It, a member of the black dragons, he is a ruthless bully who uses his Karate skills to intimidate others, however he fears Jack, as Jack is much better fighter than he is. He is quite high ranking in the black dragons as he often serves as a second in command to Sensei Ty.


Frank meets Jack on his first day, following Frank and several other black dragons intimidating others, Jack proceeds to defeat all four of them. He is later defeated in the Karate competition by Milton.


Frank is brutish, aggressive, petty bully. He is also very dim, as shown by the fact he's 19 and still in seventh grade. He enjoys creating mischief and intimidating others, normally his pranks are mostly harmless, however at times he can be seriously dangerous, such as vandalising the entire malls halloween affair. He is however slow witted, such as not realising he had been flipped twice by Kim. He has a borderline obsesive crush on Kim, although that didn't stop him conspiriing to humilate her, after she left the black dragons or fighting her if challanged.