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Francis X. Clampazzo, better known as Clamps, is one of the recurring antagonists in Futurama. He is robot who is a part of the Robot Mafia and works for Donbot.

Clamps is a bronze colored Robot, with a slender body and small door on his torso. He has a row of rivets on the right side of his face, appearing like a scar or stitches. Clamps' personality is paranoid, sarcastic, and highly aggressive, reflecting that of Joe Pesci's character Tommy DeVito in the film Goodfellas, as well as his high pitch, high tempo voice. Clamps loves to use his own clamps at "every opportunity" but his clamps are often unnecessary in any given situation. In spite of his love for his clamps, in Bender Gets Made, when they are needed, he is antagonized by Joey Mousepad when Joey suggests Clamps actually uses them. In The Silence Of The Clamps, he starts to work in Planet Express after Bender is forced to go into the witness protection program. The crew starts to trust him completely except Zoidberg, who thinks that he will also be replaced by Francis due to the fact that Francis can cut and clamp while Zoidberg can only cut. Francis goes into the moon's western border and finds Bender, who is actually Billy West.

Francis tries to kill Billy, but Zoidberg prevents him from doing so and they fight. Francis tries to kill Zoidberg by crushing his skull but Zoidberg gains the upper hand and defeats Francis by cutting off his clamps.

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