Francis Gray

Francis Gray

Francis Grey was one of the minor villains in the TV show The Batman.


About twenty years ago he was a worker in a watch shop, mostly repairing them.

One day, when his boss left, he made a stupid decision by stealing the golden watch because his family was in debt. This caused a chain reaction that destroyed an entire street. He then got arrested and was sentenced 17 years in prison. While serving his time, he got a job fixing watches and clocks.

Pretty soon, his entire cell was covered with clocks, and all that ticking caused him to go crazy. He just yelled out, "STOP," and the ticking stopped and went back one second. He then realized that he had the ability to turn back time only 20 seconds. Meanwhile, his wife left him, so he could never see her and his son. When he was released from prison he decided to use his powers for revenge on all of Gotham. He stole certain machine parts to create a machine that created a deadly gas if anyone breathes in it.

Francis gray
At precisely 12:00 on New Years Day, the Machine went off, however when his son tried to stop him, the gas ended up killing him. Francis was so devastated that is, that he used time traveling powers to go back in time to the time when he was going to steal the Golden watch. He decided not to steal it this time. Years later, Francis managed to get out of his debt legitimately and then he and his son started a company involving fixing clocks and watches (including Bruce Wayne's Grandfather Clock). It's possible that Francis lost his time traveling powers even though they never mention that.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chronokinesis: Francis has the ability to literally travel through time. He can only back track for 20 seconds and can't go any higher. However after his son's death, he was able to time travel years to the past. After that it's unknown if he lost his powers since he time-traveled back to before he acquired his power.


  • Deja Vu: During his encounters with Francis, Batman has gained a sense of deja vu. This allowed him to become less predictable to Francis whose fighting style relied on future knowledge of what would happen.


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