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Francis Goehring was an Unsub in Criminal Minds.


Goehring married a woman named Diane Marie. Being a sexual sadist, he would regularly torture and degrade her, until the militia found out and threw him out of the community.  He moved to a cottage positioned on a piece of land previously owned by Diane's parents (which she had inherited and had been forced to sign over to him) along with a local named Henry Frost. He treated him very much like a common slave and, over time, developed a kind of messianic delusion, making up a set of rules for the compound in which he was referred to as "The Master" and studying medieval hierarchy structures. He abducted three local women, tortured them for some time and killed them if they tried to escape or when he got bored with them and had Frost bury them and plant rosebushes on their graves.

He was eventually tracked down by the police and killed himself with a bomb in order to avoid getting caught, however his partner in crime Henry Frost adopted his persona and continued his crimes.