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Francis Buxton

Francis Buxton

You'll be sorry, Pee-wee Herman!
~ Francis Buxton to Pee-wee Herman.

Francis Buxton is a fellow man-child and Pee-wee Herman's rival. He is the main antagonist of Pee-wee's Big Adventure. Francis ranked #97 greatest villain of all time on Wizard Magazine´s Top 100 greatest villains ever list.

He was played by Mark Holton.


He is very spoiled and selfish. He would always get what he wants regardless, especially when he tried to buy off Pee-wee's very own prized bicycle on his birthday but Pee-wee refused and Francis vowed to make his rival pay for his insolence.


Francis walked by Pee-wee's house and offers to buy Pee-wee's bike for his birthday, but Pee-wee simply refuses. Francis hires someone to steal the bike before it is purchased by Warner Bros.

When Pee-wee reported the police about his missing bike, he told them the last person he saw was Francis Buxton and went to his house. He then interrogated him in his swimming and began beating him up.

After his adventures finally ended in his daring rescue of all of the animals from the burning pet shop, Pee-wee is brought before a Warner Bros. studio executive who offers to buy the rights to Pee-wee's story in exchange for dropping all charges. Dottie is summoned into the office, bringing along Pee-Wee's beloved bicycle. He attends the premiere at his local drive-in theater, and it turns out to be a James Bond-style action film involving James Brolin and Morgan Fairchild fighting ninjas. Pee-wee has a cameo appearance as a bellhop, with his voice dubbed over. Then Francis appeared with a TV news crew to Pee-wee and Dottie. He wanted to ride on his bike. Pee-wee allowed it, only to press a yellow button that is an ejection button and it threw Francis high up in the air. After watching for a few minutes, Pee-wee decides to leave, having already lived the real story. Reunited with his bike, he rides away with Dottie, happily ever after.


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