Ha ha ha. Having this much fun should be against the law. Which I always break, so, hey, I don't care.
~ Francis kicking sand in Timmy's friends faces.

Francis is a major antagonist in The Fairly Oddparents. He is the school bully of Timmy and his friends.


Francis is the most feared bully at Dimmsdale Elementary School and bullies other students who are shorter than him. His favorite victims among them are Timmy Turner and his close friends AJ and Chester. Mr. Crocker turns a blind eye whenever Francis is bullying someone, probably cause he hates children. He also has no qualms about bullying girls as shown when he threatened to hurt Tootie, steals two dolls from her, and (briefly) bullies Trixie Tang by kicking sand in her face. He also terrorizes adults, as shown when he was beating Timmy's father up, stealing his money, car, and the Turner's house and instigated a brutalization of Mr. Crocker. 

In Teeth for Two, it was seen that Francis likes to steal teeth from others, which displeases the Tooth Fairy. He was also seen sleeping with a stuffed unicorn. Eventually, he went after Timmy for his giant tooth and he mentioned that with that tooth, he could be rich enough to get his dad out of jail.

In the Big Superhero Wish, he becomes Bull-E and teams up with Doctor Crocktopus, the Baby Shredder, and the Nega Chin to defeat Timmy and his friends.


  • In Hex Games, his age is stated to be twelve by Vicky.
  • Since Season 6, Francis rarely appears except for brief cameos, usually showing up to beat up Timmy.

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