Like him? LIKE HIM? I'll love him TO PIECES!
~ Francesca angrily declaring her hatred of Baron Boris' nephew Felix
Francesca is the main antagonist of the 1967 stop-motion film Mad Monster Party?. She was voiced by Gale Garnett.


In the film, Francesca was seen as the secretary of the retiring Baron Boris von Frankenstein. She is often flirted with by several monsters. After he created the most perfect (and lethal) formula, Francesca sought to get rid of his new successor in order to have it for herself. To do that, she makes a deal with Dracula to help kill Felix Flanken, though Frankensteins wife overheard the situation. Francesca takes Felix out on a picnic tour so Dracula would assassinate him, but failed three times. Later, after being saved by a giant plant, Francesca kissed Felix a few times as they ran through the forest while being pursued by the monsters. Eventually, she (as well as Boris and the monsters) gets taken by "It". After their deaths, Francesca swam to Felix's boat and admits that she was a robotic creation made by Baron Boris von Frankenstein and that she was unable to marry him and have children because of it. However, Felix answers that "none of us are perfect"—mechanically repeating the words "are perfect," indicating that he has also been a robot creation of his uncle all this time.