Frances Barry

Frances Barry is the main villainess from "Insight," the pilot episode of Profiler.

She was played by Lee Garlington.

Frances Barry is a psychiatrist who was approached by Sam Waters during a case involving the murders of several women. Frances pointed out that both women were patients of another psychiatrist, Lawrence Harrison, and he was instantly painted as the main suspect. However, when Sam is at the home of another female patient and attempted victim, she is attacked by Frances, who was revealed as the actual killer. During the attack, Frances was shown wearing men's clothing, clearly attempting to frame Dr. Harrison for the murders. Regarding a possible motive, the evil Frances had self-esteem issues; being told as a child by her mother that she wasn't pretty enough.


  • Lee Garlington is best known for appearing in another pilot: The Seinfeld Chronicles in 1989, playing Claire, a waitress at Monk's.