Fraisie is a minor antagonist in xenoblade chronicles x.

she is the leader of a religion that likes to manipulate others into joining even if it means poisoning other race's. after Cross is investigateing the disappearce of some Ma-non witch it turns out that Fraisie was behind it Cross then decided to call Frasise out as a fraud. it then turns out that Frasise has brainwashed malyteth into poisoning her own race by poisoning part of the water supply that would of also poison the animals and humans in the area if Cross stopped her before she could poison.  Malyteth would later kill her self. when Fraisie found out that Malyteth killed her self she showed no remose and instead said you just had on job and that was it. later that Fraisise  was poisoning the Ma-non race and then giving them the cure to the poison to manipulate into joining the religion that she is the leader of and that she was hiding the poison in the church.   in the end she runs away swearing revenge.