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Fraaz is a boss in the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks who wields total control over both ice and fire.

Fighting Methods

He uses both ice and fire magic to either freeze or burn anyone who challenges him. He uses this magic by bloating up like a balloon until he has to release the attack. If he switches to fire when he released an ice attack then this can be used against him and vice-versa. Once he is hit enough times he will split up into two smaller forms both of which conrtol their own element. Again the same strategy can be used against them but you must be quick or the one left standing will ultimetely revive the other. When one of the smaller forms is hit they will melt into a fiery puddle of either ice or fire. When he is hit in his normal form he will either shrink a bit(depending on how far you are in the fight) or be confused for a bit. The boomerang is useful in this fight since it can carry the elements on it. There are torches that can be used against Fraaz however. When the small Fraazes are melted the first time he will immediately destroy them to make the fight a bit harder. When both forms use their attacks they share the method of seemingly sneezing out the attacks. The ice in his normal form comes in one huge chunk. The fire comes out in about 5-6 spots. He will always try to hit Link with his attacks which could mean that he can force himself to sneeze. However the smaller form sneeze out multiple flames of their element and at the same time too. If the same element is used against him while he is storing it up he will immediately bloat up and release his element.

Physical Appearence

He resembles a mouse due to his large ears. He has a black colored body. The area around his eyes are red and blue for his right and left eyes respectively. He has yellow eyes.


His name is most likely a derivative of Blaaz, a similar boss from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is also most likely a pun on freeze.

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