Frédipo da Silva, (or Grande Mestre, literally Great Master; as he proclaims himself) is the main antagonist of the Monica's Gang episode, O Sumiço de Todas as Mães. He is a spoiled brat who manipulates a robot army to kidnap all mothers in the world for selfish reasons, because he lost his mother.


Since his birth Frédipo has always been considered an ugly kid. By having only his mother to defend him from the bullies he grew up as a spoiled child. When he was three years he lost his mother in a supermarket. From that day all bullies began to tease Frédipo calling him as dwarf and ugly.

Many years later he built his own robot army to spoil yourself, and as if that were not enough he ordered to their robots kidnap the mothers of all the children of the world in a selfish act. Therefore Monica and Maggy joined forces to disguise as mothers and be brought to the Frédipo's hideout.

Monica vs. Frédipo battle

At the first meeting of Frédipo with Monica and Maggy, he told the story of his past to them. Frédipo at first despised Monica thinking she could not defeat their robots, but after seeing Monica destroy their robots with her super strength, he saw in the ambition to summon his most powerful robot: A Supermãe (lit. The Supermom). Supermãe defeat Monica and Maggy smothering them with "affection". After that, Monica and Maggy were imprisoned in the same prison with all kidnapped mothers. Monica recognizes a woman in the prison and discovers that she is the Frédipo's lost mother (Dona Frédipa).


After Monica breaks prison bars with her super strength, she gathers Frédipo with his mother. When Dona Frédipa discovers that Frédipo was the villain behind it all, Dona Frédipa punishes Frédipo and forces to free all mothers. At the end of the same episode, Frédipo is seen happy at home, even still continuing to receive punishment from his mother.