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You mean, 'may I please have the wallet ma'am'?
~ Fox trying to get Vera to say it, but Vera said it anyway.

Fox was one of the secondary antagonists of the 1982 slasher film Friday the 13th Part III and a member of a biker gang.

She was portrayed by Gloria Charles.


In 1984, Fox, along with two bikers named Ali and Loco, travels to Crystal Lake and stops in a convenience store. In the store, Fox takes to hassling customer named Vera Sanchez, having Ali and Loco restrain the girl's companion named Shelly. Having grabbed Shelly's wallet when he attempted to throw it to Vera, Fox taunts Vera, making Vera grudgingly ask for it back and address her as ma'am.

After Shelly mangles their motorcycles as revenge for troubling him and Vera, Fox and her fellow bikers follow the duo back to Higgins Haven. Despite being reluctant to participate in her friends' plan to burn down the Higgins' barn after siphoning gasoline from a van, Fox, after being reassured by Ali that no one will get hurt, wanders off to look around. Going into the barn, Fox nonchalantly begins toying with some of the equipment lying around, eventually climbing up onto the second floor. Finding a rope and pulley used to hoist hay, Fox begins swinging from it for fun.

Her compatriot Loco sees this and tells Fox to stop horsing around by demanding her to come down, so they can help Ali in his revenge plans. Unseen by Loco, Fox was ultimately grabbed by Jason Voorhees and pulled back into the barn, where Jason impales her to a rafter by the throat with a sharp pitchfork. Shortly before Jason kills him too, Loco finds Fox's corpse, which Jason later moves. Fox's corpse was eventually found and taken away by the authorities.