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The Fourth Reich , the Reich, or simply Nazis for short is a Fascist Neo-Nazi faction in the Metro series. It is a major player in the post-apocalyptic Metro System and had evolved overtime from the Central Metro Command from possible extremist political leaders. They are currently at war with the Red Line and seek total conquest of the Metro System.


Very little information is known on how the Reich rose to power though many assume it's because of the collapse of the Central Metro Command and fanatics quickly organized and created the Reich after the Hansa-Red Line War. Following the end of the conflict, three metro stations fell under Nazi influence and rule and the Reich quickly made its first enemies such as the Communists and went ot war with them. FOr over 20 years the Communists and the Nazis would fight eachother in endless wars in order to conquere the entire Metro station.


The Reich is a National Socialist/Neo-Nazi faction that is stationed in three main stations; Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya, and Pushkinskaya and have united all 3 stations under the banner of their newly declared Reich. They maintain outposts and military bases in several outlying stations and in an attempt to expand their militaristic faction and take control over the Metro. They only listen to the Fuhrer who is the de facto leader of the newly delcared nation. They are at war with both the Red Line and anyone who is a threat to "genetic perfection" such as people with genetics from surface animals.


The Reich itself is completely modeled after Nazi Germany and the Third Reich and incorporates the Nazi ideology to govern society. Unlike its predecessor, the Reich itself are made up of Russian Nationalists that want "Russian Purity" affectivly glorifying the Russian/Slavic race unlike original Nazism which promoted German supremacy. The Reich is also focused on Genetic Purity and treats all citizens with the slightest of impurities as second-class citizens and is considered a lower race. These lower races include asians, blacks, arabs and other races. Many refugees have since then fled from Nazi rule sinc the death penalty is high in the Reich as anyone with missing limbs or even a second toe of finger is killed on sight to prevent the spread of "inferior" genes.


The Reich is a totalitarian dictatorship based off of real life Nazi Germany and is similar to the Red Line. It is under the autocratic rule of the Fuhrer and any order he gives out is manditory and is meant ot be followed without question. The Reich has imposed strict anti-mutation laws and has created concentration camps to keep all dissodents out of sight. The goal is to help create a more "pure" human society and anyone without the physical standards is delcared a mutant and is executed on the spot. The Fuhrer has modeled his rule after the Third Reich and seems to keep it that way.



Nazis are basically civilians who have been brainwashed by the Reich government and believe their lies. They follow the Fuhrer's policies on genetic purity and the perfectionist standards but their are those who resist the radical policies put into place but most likeyl keep quiet or get sent to a consentration camp or executed immediatly and others are just blind to the falsehoods and lies they are fed constantly. Citizens fall into two categories; soldiers and civilians.


Nazis who are in the military are fierce powerful warriors on the battlefield. They are loyal to the Reich and often shout out propagnada mottos and terms to their enemies when in combat, Despite the soldiers' fierce brutality on the battleifeld, maby of them are acutally herd missing their wives and children and even critisize the Nazi ideology but those who hate it defect to Hansa and don't hold extream mindset unlike civilains.


Citizens of the Reich are ordinary people who live within Nazi territories and act as regular peole. They are not exposed to the atrocities carried out by Nazi soldiers and believe that their casue actually benefits them. Civilians living in the Reich appear to live very comfortable since there are strict laws imposed on all the stations such as purity laws and all who are caught with inferior genes are killed on the spot even against high ranking officials. 


Although the Reich is few in numbers (due to low population) different from the Communists, the Nazis have a strong more superior army since the average soldier is better trained and well equipped. The Reich has a stronger more stable command structure than other factions and better grasp on Pre-War military tactis possibly due to the militaristic nature of the Nazi ideology. Due to the Nazis' xenophobic beliefs, they have a "shoot first-ask questions later" type of policy and are hostile to all non-Nazis outside their territory but due to their fanatical military policies, recruits are low in Reich controled stations and makes it impossible for outsiders to join the Nazi cause.


The Nazis are well equipped with powerful and sophisticated weapons such as AK-74 rifles, automatic shotguns, revolvers, hand grenades, and throwing knives ect. They use strong military gear and use more higher quality weapons than their opponents. In Metro: Last Light however, the Nazis appear to use more lower quality weapons such as the Bastard Carbine more often then usual and other low-quality weapons. 

The Nazi Army uses their weapons and tactics to win battles against their opponents and are bent on taking over D6 Station since it has enough resources to supply the Reich for decades. Just like in real life, their soldiers are few in numbers but are well trianed and more professional in combat and face lesser trianed but large, oversized armies of Communist Troops like in World War ll, specifically, the Eastern Front.

Metro Series



The Three armed swastika used by the Reich to represent all three stations under their control

In the novels, the Reich are made up of hardline militant Neo-Nazis and are much younger than in the game. In the Metro novels they are recently formed and Artyom is surprised to even know the mere existance of the organization. The Reich is despised and hated by outsiders but is not as  war hungry as they are in the games. In the books, their population is small because of more men than women and need to expand in order to survive

Video Games

In the games, the Reich is first seen in the level Frontline where they are seen fighting against the Red Army for control over the Depots and the Black Station levels. The Reich is under the rule oif the unnamed Fuhrer and belive that the Russian/Slavic race is superior to all others and that all minorities should be killed.


The C used in the games

They control the tunnels leading in and out of the staions under theri control and are founded earlie than in the novel since it would take years to build their machine gun cars and Panzer trains. The Nazis also have Stalags, which are concentration camps where prisoners are worked until they die or used for live target practice by Nazi soldiers. In Last Light all the rumors are confirmed to be true.