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The Imperial Fist Temple Four Rakshasa Demons (皇拳寺 羅刹四鬼, kōkenji rasetsu yonki), also known simply as Four Rakshasa Demons, was an antagonistic faction in Akame Ga Kill! They were a group of powerful warriors who serve The Empire and Prime Minister Honest and are Honest's personal executioners.


The Demons are personal executioners for the Prime Minister and are tasked with eliminating all of his opponents. All of them are able to take on Imperial Arms users despite not having Imperial Arms themselves. Honest had ordered them to protect Bolic who was acting as a high-ranking official of the Path of Peace organization so the Empire can take control over it. They later on went after Night Raid in an effort to eliminate them like all the other Imperial Factions, however all of its members were killed in confrontations with them with only Suzuka surviving which causes Syura to mock her because of it. Suzuka was then transfered over to Wild Hunt after the group disbanded.


While they lack Imperial Arms, the Four Rakshasa Demons were known to being able to face off against Imperial Arms users without needing one in combat. All of the members have the ability to manipulate their bodies in a myraid of ways. They could stretch out their hair and nails to pierce their enemies and bend their bodies to dodge attacks. Due to their unique abilities, the demons were able to capture and secure many Imperial Arms for The Empire to use themselves.

Notable Members